Michelle gave me a short, sexy (Michelle Williams) hair cut that I just love and I keep getting compliments on it! Nicki did the color and that is perfect as well. All the Vanity stylists are truly talented professionals.

Maggie W

I have been a member of the Spa Advantage Program with Peggy for over 5 years. I so look forward to my monthly facials and hearing about the new products and treatments to keep my skin looking fresh and clear. Peggy often adds in complimentary facial waxing or other services which I really appreciate. Thanks for looking after me.


Loved the experience of massage relaxation in , serene setting. Treat your self to the ambiance of peacefulness.


The services are fantastic and relaxing! How else would I have found out you can snore during a facial? I also love the product lines! Revitalash really works! I don’t have Bette Davis eyes quite yet, but I’m much closer than I used to be!” Thank You…

Lauri V.

Peggy and Amie has been wonderful! I have gotten several laser treatments done, with wonderful results. She is very comforting and inviting, she makes the experience great. I have also had facial treatments that were wonderful as well, I recommend Peggy to all my friends and family.

Jen G.

I met Peggy at a health club last winter and it was truly an answer to my prayers. Ever since my first pregnancy 13 years ago I have had trouble with acne. I never had skin trouble in high school. So, I really didn’t understand what was happening with my skin. The worst part about it was that I turned into a complete health nut when I got pregnant so my diet was impeccable through all three of my pregnancies- so it was not diet related. As a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and fitness instructor- I am very particular about the food I put into my body and the products I put on my skin. I used every single health acne formula out there, it didn’t matter the price, none of them worked. It was so humiliating to constantly have my skin breaking out. I would literally pray for an answer.

After years of challenge I decided to see a dermatologist. I caved in and purchased the ‘toxic’ unhealthy skincare that clears your skin. It worked for a few months but then it got worse. My skin felt tight and I felt like I was getting more wrinkles by the second. Peggy was the answer to my prayers. I began doing facial peels with her and she used the Rhonda Allison products. In a matter of 4 months my skin was literally PERFECTLY CLEAR!!! I cannot tell you the amount of gratitude that I feel for her! She has incredible expertise and knowledge about acne and knows exactly how to help your skin look it’s best!

I have not been back to see her for about 6 months and I am continuing to use the Rhonda Allison products and my skin is still clear!! I know it is not just the products because I had used them in the past and they did not work on their own. Peggy helped to heal and clear my skin and now the products are just maintaining her amazing work she did.

Thank you Peggy for your passion and expertise! I am forever grateful for helping me feel good about myself again! I can actually go to the gym and workout without make up and not feel self conscious- it is priceless!

Julia B.

WhoooHooo!!! One treatment and the spidery veins in the leg seem to be gone!!!

Nancy S.