Rhonda Allison is a professional skin care company that offers not only cosmeceutical skin care products to licensed aesthetic facilities, but extensive education and services as well. Not just another mainstream cosmeceutical line, a choice that was made in order to bring more active formulas to the market requiring professional guidance in its use and application of the RA Systems, the Rhonda Allison difference lives up to its reputation as a leader in this field.blemishcontrolfacialapplewinepeel

Vain Cosmetics

At Vanity on Mill Hair Gallery and Spa we offer a full line of mineral cosmetics and makeup artistry. Why are we so into minerals? Mineral makeup is as pure as it gets – void of talc, chemical additives, fragrance, fillers, preservatives and dyes. Growing from a need for cosmetics gentle enough to use on skin after chemical peels or resurfacing treatments, mineral makeup is made from finely crushed, high pigment minerals. There is virtually no allergy risk and it will not clog pores or irritate people with skin sensitivities. Because minerals such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are used as the base, these cosmetics are loaded with natural UV protection.

revitalashRevita Lash Eyelash Conditioner

This cosmetic innovation dramatically enhances the appearance of luster, length, thickness and fullness of your natural lashes. They will grow so long you will have to trim your lashes.



Pureology Hair Care
pureologyColour-treated hair has special needs. Receiving a customized treatment prescribed by a professional
will ensure longer lasting colour results with shiny, healthy hair from the inside-out. Pureology delivers luxury colour care with extraordinary formulas that create radiant vibrancy in colour-treated hair, adding intense shine from start through finish. Pureology dramatically improves hair condition by utilizing ground-breaking ingredient technology to scientifically maximize colour retention.