5 Pastel Hairstyles – Warm you up with a Color Change

Are you over these gray days and your winter ‘do? While you’re waiting for spring to come, why not try these 5 pastel color changes, no longer reserved for princess punks or celebrity style-blazers. So as you contemplate the shape your springtime makeover will take, and if your dress code allows it, visit your favorite salon today.  Avoid the box color and the color correction that’s sure to follow. With your new hair color, you’ll be itching for spring to arrive.

What pastel for your 'do?

Pink, Fushia or light Blue, to name a few.

Skin Primers for Color Correcting

Should you spend a lot of time using color correction primers when doing your makeup?   What happened to simple and quick? The online beauty community is having a ball using primers in shades of green, pink and purple to “correct” skin-tone issues.  Online we are seeing the more-is-more makeup trends (purple minimizes yellow tones; green wipes out redness; and pink counteracts sallowness).

You can imagine how much fun beauty bloggers on YouTube and Instagram are having slathering their faces in these bright colors and snapping selfies before blending it all in. “I feel that most skin discolorations can be corrected with your regular foundation and concealer,” says Dedivanovic (Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist. “Color correcting can be used for more extreme discoloration, but it’s not something that should be done by everyone, and it shouldn’t be done in such a heavy way as it’s being shown on social media. We need to simplify things, not complicate them.”

Makeup artist Daniel Martin, who works with Jessica Alba, agrees, and he takes issue with having the need to color correct in the first place. “I think it’s overkill to spend that much time on your makeup unless you’re honestly correcting a challenge,” he says. So, OK, if you have extreme rosacea or discoloration, color correcting can be helpful. But it shouldn’t be used every day by everyone. But Mary Wiles, who works with Kristen Wiig, says she loves color correctors. “They’re staples in my kit,” she says. “They allow me to correct tonal issues without having to use a heavy base, so I can keep the skin glowing and fresh color correcting primers are good for certain things.” In my opinion, color correcting isn’t an everyday necessity. However, they’re great for discoloration issues, such as dark circles and redness.

Girl with colored face painted. Art beauty image. Picture taken in the studio on a black background.

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Teasing or Backcombing – New Life for Short Hair

Do you call it backcombing or teasing? Well whatever you were taught by retro women, its the quick go to for voluminous hair. It’s the one trick you need to give your hair life.  The first tool you will need is a rat tail comb or brush.

Beauty_Back_Combing_101_01 bctools

Barbie has a new look

Fashionista, Spy Squad, Game Developer, President and Vice President.  Which Barbie do you see yourself as?  Yes, her body has rounded out a bit, and she comes in different body types and skin tones, but her face and hair is still Barbie perfect, no dead ends or pimples.  And color corrections and a deep pore cleans facial? Well, she’s still clueless.  Yes, she has style, but is she still relevant?

Welcome Shelby Sherwood, Hair Stylist

This week and next we’ll be having an introductory sale for our FB friends. Please help us welcome our new Stylist: Shelby Sherwood. Shelby is no stranger to cutting hair on Mill Avenue and we feel lucky to have her at Vanity on Mill. She will be working Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays for starters. Book with Shelby and get 1/2 off your service this week and next. (offer good till Feb. 6th, 2016). Call 480-263-0481 or book online: vanityonmill.com

Vanity Features Frankie Arzaga


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Veteran’s Day Parade

Veteran’s Day Parade

Come and join us on November 11th at Vanity on Mill Hair Gallery and Spa. Coffee and donuts compliments of “The Window Espresso and Smoothies” now open at Vanity on Mill. Parade marches down Mill Ave. and starts at 9Am

Graduation time!

Graduation time!

It’s Graduation Time again!

Look your best and revitalize your body and mind with Vanity on Mill! Whether attending a formal graduation, casual event, or just looking to pamper yourself or loved one after a long hard final exam. Look to Vanity on Mill for our fun or formal updos, feather and hair flair extensions, Platinum spray tans, manicure and pedicure packages, as well as all Spa and Salon services to help you look and feel your best this summer!

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Welcome To Our New Site!

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