Canadian Campaigns 1860-70 (Men-at-Arms 249) by David Ross

By David Ross

It truly is predicted that at least 20,000 British North americans, and doubtless as many as 50,000 served within the US military in the course of the Civil warfare. No had the battle interested in a detailed than a brand new hazard materialised south of the border: The Fenian Brotherhood, the yankee department of the Irish Republican military. The Brotherhood's basic objective used to be Irish independence; this they'd try and in attaining through an invasion of Canada. This fantastic textual content by way of David Ross and provide Tyler examines the Canadian campaigns 1860-70, illustrated via various photos and 8 complete web page color plates by way of Rick Scollins.

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The 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion is stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA. US Air Force FORCES BY ROLE Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) includes about 13,000 active and reserve personnel. AFSOC is headquartered at Hurlburt Field, FL, along with the 720th Special Tactics Group, the 1st Special Operations Wing (SOW) and the USAF Special Operations School and Training Center. 27th SOW is located at Cannon Air Force Base, NM. 352nd Special Operations Group is at RAF Mildenhall, UK, and 353rd Special Operations Group, is at Kadena Air Base, Japan.

Average air wing comprises 7 sqns: 4 each with 12 F/A-18 (2 with F/A-18C, 1 with F/A18-E, 1 with F/A18-F), 1 with 6 SH-60, 1 with 4 EA-6B, 1 with 4 E-2C. ) FORCES BY ROLE Air wing 10 wg COMD 2 sqn with E-6B Mercury FGA 10 sqn with F/A-18E Super Hornet; 10 sqn with F/A-18F Super Hornet; 14 sqn with F/A-18C Hornet; 1 sqn with F/A-18A+ ASW 9 sqn with SH-60B Seahawk; 7 sqn with HH-60H Seahawk; SH-60F Seahawk; 3 sqn with MH-60R Seahawk ELINT 2 sqn with EP-3E Aries II ELINT/ECM 12 sqn with EA-6B Prowler; 1 sqn with EA18G Growler MP 12 (land-based) sqn with P-3C Orion* AEW 12 sqn with total of E-2C Hawkeye MCM 2 sqn with MH-53E Sea Dragon Spt 9 sqn with MH-60S Knight Hawk Tpt 2 sqn with C-2A Greyhound Trg 1 (aggressor) sqn with F/A-18C Hornet/ F/A-18D Hornet / F/A-18E Super Hornet/ F/A-18F Super Hornet; 1 (aggressor) sqn with F/A-18B Hornet/F/A-18 C Hornet / F/A-18D Hornet; 1 sqn with F/A-18E/F Super Hornet 3 sqn with T-6A/B Texan II/T-39D/G/N Sabreliner; 5 sqn T-34C Turbo Mentor; 2 sqn with T-44A Pegasus; 4 sqn with T-45A/C Goshawk; 2 sqn with TH-57B Sea Ranger/TH-57C Sea Ranger EQUIPMENT BY TYPE AIRCRAFT 900 combat capable FGA 753: 33 F/A-18A Hornet; 24 F/A-18B Hornet; 268 F/A-18C Hornet; 41 F/A-18D Hornet; 171 F/A-18E Super Hornet; 216 F/A-18F Super Hornet ELINT 11 EP-3E Aries II ELINT/ECM 99: 92 EA-6B Prowler; 7 EA-18G Growler MP 147 P-3C Orion* North America North America Downloaded By: [Canadian Research Knowledge Network] At: 00:26 15 February 2010 36 The Military Balance 2010 AEW 66 E-2C Hawkeye COMD 16 E-6B Mercury TPT 64: 4 C-12C Huron; 35 C-2A Greyhound; 1 C-20A Gulfstream III; 2 C-20D Gulfstream III; 5 C-20G Gulfstream IV; 7 C-26D Metro III; 1 C-37; 1 CT-39G Sabreliner; 2 LC130F Hercules; 1 LC-130R Hercules; 5 VP-3A Orion UTL 32: 2 RC-12F Huron; 2 RC-12M Huron; 2 U-6A Beaver; 21 UC-12B Huron; 1 UC-35D Citation Encore; 4 UP-3A Orion TRG 648: 47 T-6A Texan II; 2 T-6B Texan II; 270 T-34C Turbo Mentor; 9 T-38 Talon; 1 T-39D Sabreliner; 8 T-39G Sabreliner; 15 T-39N Sabreliner; 55 T-44A Pegasus; 74 T-45A Goshawk; 144 T-45C Goshawk; 21 TC-12B Huron; 2 TE-2C Hawkeye TRIALS AND TEST 50: 5 EA-18G Growler; 1 NF/A18A Hornet; 2 NF/A-18C Hornet; 3 NF/A-18D Hornet; 1 NP-3C Orion; 11 NP-3D Orion; 1 NT-34C Mentor test; 1 NU-1B Otter test; 2 QF-4N Phantom II; 16 QF-4S Phantom II; 2 X-26A test; 1 X-31A test; 1 YF-4J Phantom II (prototype, FGA); 1 YSH-60 Seahawk (prototype); 1 YSH-60B Seahawk; 1 YSH-60F Seahawk HELICOPTERS MCM 28 MH-53E Sea Dragon OBS 3 OH-58A Kiowa SAR 63: 23 HH-1N Iroquois; 4 HH-46D Sea Knight; 36 HH-60H Seahawk ASW 220: 148 SH-60B Seahawk; 72 SH-60F Seahawk SPT/SPEC OP 158: 35 MH-60R Strike Hawk; 123 MH60S Knight Hawk (Multi Mission Support) SPT 18: 9 CH-53D Sea Stallion; 9 CH-53E Sea Stallion UTL 19: 1 UH-1N Iroquois; 4 UH-1Y Iroquois; 9 UH-46D Sea Knight; 3 UH-60L Black Hawk; 2 VH-3A Sea King (VIP) TRG 132: 44 TH-57B Sea Ranger; 82 TH-57C Sea Ranger; 6 TH-6B in testing TEST 3 N-SH-60B Seahawk UAV 42+: RECCE 2 RQ-4A Global Hawk (under evaluation and trials) TAC 40+: 5 MQ-8B Fire Scout (under evaluation and trials); 35 RQ-2B Pioneer MSL ASM AGM-65A/F Maverick; AGM-84D Harpoon; AGM84E SLAM/SLAM-ER; AGM-114B/K/M Hellfire; AGM119A Penguin 3; AGM-88A HARM; AGM-154A JSOW AAM AIM-7 Sparrow; AIM-9 Sidewinder; AIM-120 AMRAAM; RIM-116 RAM BOMBS Conventional: BLU-117/Mk 84 (2,000lb); BLU-110/Mk 83 (1,000lb); BLU-111/ Mk 82 (500lb); Mk 46; Mk 50; Mk 54 Laser-Guided: Paveway II; Paveway III (fits on Mk 82, Mk 83 or Mk 84) INS/GPS guided: JDAM (GBU-31/32/38); Enhanced Paveway II Naval Aviation Reserve FORCES BY ROLE FGA 1 sqn with F/A-18A+ Hornet 1 sqn with HH-60H Seahawk; 1 sqn with SH60B MR 2 sqn with P-3C Orion AEW 1 sqn with E-2C Hawkeye Spt 1 sqn with MH-60S Knight Hawk ECM 1 sqn with EA-6B Prowler Log spt 1 wg (3 log spt sqn with C-40A Clipper, 3 log spt sqn with C-20 A/D/G Gulfstream; C-37A / C-37B Gulfstream, 5 tactical tpt sqn with C-130T Hercules, 4 log spt sqn with C-9B Skytrain II / DC-9 Skytrain) Trg 2 (aggressor) sqn with F-5E Tiger II/F-5F Tiger II / F-5N Tiger II; 1 (aggressor) sqn with F/A-18C Hornet ASW EQUIPMENT BY TYPE AIRCRAFT 70 combat capable FGA 24: 12 F/A-18A+ Hornet; 12 F/A-18C Hornet MP 12 P-3C Orion* EW/ELINT 4 EA-6B Prowler AEW 6 E-2C Hawkeye TPT 44: 19 C-130T Hercules; 9 C-40A Clipper; 15 C-9B Skytrain II; 1 DC-9 Skytrain UTL 16: 7 C-20 A/D/G Gulfstream; 1 C-37A Gulfstream; 3 C-37B Gulfstream; 5 UC-12B Huron TRG 34 F-5E Tiger II/F-5F Tiger II/F-5N Tiger II* HELICOPTERS MCM 8 MH-53E Sea Stallion SAR 10 HH-60H Rescue Hawk ASW 14: 6 SH-60B Seahawk; 8 MH-60S Knight Hawk US Marine Corps 204,261 (incl 5,748 active reservists) 3 Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF), 3 Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB), 7 Marine Expeditionary Units (MEU) drawn from 3 div.

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