Burning Bridges (Retrievers, Book 4) by Laura Anne Gilman

By Laura Anne Gilman

Wren Valere was nearly invisible. yet now she's not just being noticeable, she's becoming concerned. fresh assaults opposed to nonhuman Fatae have escalated into hate crimes opposed to magic clients in general—humans incorporated. With the Mage Council distracted by means of inner strength struggles, Wren is guilted into stepping up as spokesperson for the fragilely united Fatae and lonejack communities…. And, as the cosmos deems her with no adequate problems, her partner-lover Sergei is drowning in his personal difficulties. yet not just cannot she support him—she's the reason. With lives at the line—including her own—Wren's going to need to holiday the lonejack credo, ditch her long-cherished invisibility and take a stand. yet burning bridges may be deadly….

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Downtowntalent> hey. de-figged. Been worried. How goes? Wren had no idea who was behind the screen name, other than the fact that she was a member of the Cosa, female, and lived in the Southern hemisphere. And, based on their last conversation, was a member of the Council down there. Wren had asked her—delicately, as it wasn’t really a topic for casual conversation—about Wren’s then-fear that the Council had been involved in the attacks on the fatae, as well as trying to intimidate the lonejacks into coming under their protection.

Let it go, Valere. She really did have errands to run, of a sort, and this was as good a place as any to do them. She found a quiet place to sit, on the edge of an indoor planter, with weird frondy things that almost hid her from sight. Closing her eyes and letting the clatter around her fade into white noise, she grounded and centered, reached inside and stroked one thin snake of current inside her. Prepared, she sent out a flurry of pings, directed mental knocks, to half a dozen Talent that she knew worked or lived in the immediate area.

Whatever it was, it was gone now. ” Michael asked, peering at her intently. ” “Did you…” She shook her head, dropping the unasked question. “Yeah. I’m here. So, now you know the deal. My question is—would you join a patrol if they were organized, all three groups together? ” Michael nodded once, firmly, without having to consider the question very long. ” Seta looked like she’d just felt the rough brick of a wall come up against her back, hard. “Voted…” She sighed, and stared down into her cup.

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