Building Military Diorams vol.VII

Книжица о диорамах с применением продукции Verlinden, есть немного техники иготовления.
На мой взгляд не плохо, но выглядят как игрушечные (наверно с сухой кистью перестарались).

пароль infanata

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I asked. ” Inconspicuous? ” Well, Christian enough, anyhow. Norman’s reputation as something of a ladies’ man in Jakarta’s ferny coffeehouses notwithstanding, he’d attended one of the city’s top Catholic prep schools, and the national ID card he carried in his wallet clearly identified him as 30 | A LLAH ’ S TORCH kristen. And of course any bule traveling in this neck of the woods was automatically Christian, whether he liked it or not—those four unhappy centuries of life under the Bible-thumping, nutmeghoarding Dutch masters had long since seen to that.

Then in no time at all, greater Ambon, a place of 350,000 souls, former center of the spice trade, proud of its status as an 1. org. Unbottled Lightning | 21 up-and-coming regional center, a city with good restaurants, tidy hotels,ATMs, Internet cafés, cinemas, and a university with a worldclass fisheries institute, had started its astonishingly brisk descent into hell. Having literally torn itself to pieces, Ambon existed now as a cluster of barricaded communities where Christians and Muslims lived separate lives, each with their own schools, hospitals, and supermarkets.

Thus I was entertaining unmanly thoughts of jumping ship when Norman returned from his information-gathering mission to the bridge. Stepping in briskly from the harsh light and noise of the companionway, he did a neat little pirouette, and bolted the flimsy sheet-metal door behind him. The more disturbing news from my point of view, however, was the fact that the captain had heard nothing at all about any Navy embargo and was sticking like a barnacle to his schedule—Ambon in two and a half days, the Bandas in three.

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