Book of Days - Book One In The Chronicles Of Tiralainn by Sara Reinke

By Sara Reinke

The normal and possible unrelated lives of Trejaeran Muirel and Qynh Reoder are endlessly and irrevocably replaced once they research they're brother and sister, dual heirs to the throne of Tiralainn, and the youngsters of a murdered King of guys and Queen of the Elves. via Elfin prophecy, one among them will at some point defeat Ciardha, the evil and immortal Queen who now reigns over the world, and restoration the alliance of fellows and Elves. The twins were raised aside and in mystery for 16 years to maintain them secure from Ciardha and her darkish military of Damantas. while their havens are stumbled on, their households attacked, Qynh and Trejaeran are rescued from definite loss of life and taken one of the insurgent forces of the Comhar, an alliance of fellows and Elves who suggest to determine the twins satisfy their promised future. whereas Qynh has witnessed the butchering of her relatives on the sword issues of Ciardha's infantrymen and is greater than prepared to greet this fortune, her brother Trejaeran isn't really so keen. His father nonetheless lives, kidnapped through the Damantas, and he could probability his personal life--even his very soul--to see his father freed. Trejaeran follows his center, embarking with a bunch of Comhar warriors to rescue his father, whereas Qynh follows the trail future would appear to dictate for her, driving forth with the Comhar military to salary battle opposed to Ciardha. alongside every one of those perilous and battle-fraught trips, as new neighbors are made, unforeseen enemies are stumbled on, and loves are fostered and damaged, the twins needs to eventually come to a decision no matter if their fates are predestined, or decided by means of their very own hearts.

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Iasal struggled vainly as the Damanta's grip crushed his throat. "Do not fret, beag alainn Buion,” Phyndaegon hissed. Pretty little Buion. “I will not slay you. Like our Mianach friend here, you will make a lovely gift for my Queen. How I will enjoy watching you writhe as your will is broken by the duchan, Iasal. ” a voice cried out. More hooves pounded against the earth near Trejaeran's head, and a woman with short, blonde curls rode past him, her hands busied as she drew her mark with a short-limbed bow, her black mare spurred to a frenzied gallop.

Trejaeran winced at the stiffness in his limbs; the muscles in his neck and shoulders felt tense and sore. “As though I have lain prone in bed for a week,” he admitted. ” Rhyden arched his brow. ” Trejaeran blinked, startled. " "You lost a great deal of blood, Trejaeran,” Treines said. She sat down on the edge of the bed and stroked his hair. "There were times when we did not know if you would survive,” Rhyden said grimly. His expression softened and he looked toward Treines, smiling. " Trejaeran looked around the enormous room, seeing it fully and with a clear mind for the first time.

I thought you would be safe there, all of your days. " "It is not true,” Trejaeran said, fresh tears in his eyes. ” You are lying! He scrambled from the bed. The moment he was upright, his feet upon the floor, his equilibrium abandoned him and he stumbled dazedly, nearly swooning. Dagarron hurried around the bed. “You should not be on your feet, a'mac. You are weak, lad. ” Trejaeran cried, staggering away from Dagarron, holding his hand out to keep the man at bay. His head swam again and he dropped to his knees, pressing the heels of his palms against his eyes.

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