Bonney's Gynaecological Surgery 11th Edition by Lopes, Tito, by Tito Lopes, Nick M. Spirtos, Raj Naik, John M.

By Tito Lopes, Nick M. Spirtos, Raj Naik, John M. Monaghan(auth.)

  • enterprise favorite for gynaecological surgical perform due to the fact that 1911, generally revised via top gynaecological surgeons
  • offering info on reconstructive surgical procedure, anaesthesia, details know-how and audit, problems and caliber
  • targeting the main mostly played strategies with emphasis on evidence-based determination making and the expanding use of laparoscopy in diagnostic and surgeries

Chapter 1 creation and Prologue (pages 1–6):
Chapter 2 guidance for surgical procedure (pages 7–14):
Chapter three tools, Operative fabrics and simple Surgical thoughts (pages 15–30):
Chapter four commencing and shutting the belly hollow space (pages 31–41):
Chapter five The Laparoscopic method in Gynaecology (pages 42–51):
Chapter 6 Postoperative Care and problems (pages 52–55):
Chapter 7 Operations at the Vulva (pages 57–65):
Chapter eight Operations at the Vagina (pages 66–80):
Chapter nine Operations at the Cervix (pages 81–98):
Chapter 10 Operations at the Uterine hollow space (pages 99–104):
Chapter eleven Operations at the Uterus (pages 105–120):
Chapter 12 Uterine Fibroids (pages 121–124):
Chapter thirteen Operations at the Fallopian Tubes (pages 125–130):
Chapter 14 Operations at the Ovaries (pages 131–135):
Chapter 15 Caesarean part (pages 136–145):
Chapter sixteen Operations for Pelvic Organ Prolapse (pages 147–160):
Chapter 17 Operations for Urinary Incontinence (pages 161–174):
Chapter 18 Operations for the Correction of Urinary Fistulae (pages 175–180):
Chapter 19 surgical procedure for Carcinoma of the Vulva (pages 181–189):
Chapter 20 Vaginal melanoma surgical procedure (pages 190–191):
Chapter 21 Cervical melanoma (pages 192–215):
Chapter 22 Uterine melanoma (pages 216–218):
Chapter 23 Ovarian melanoma (pages 219–221):
Chapter 24 Exenterative surgical procedure (pages 222–230):
Chapter 25 Vascular surgical procedure: functions in Gynaecology and Gynaecological Oncology (pages 231–234):
Chapter 26 Urinary Tract (pages 235–249):
Chapter 27 Operations at the Intestinal Tract for the Gynaecologist (pages 250–259):
Chapter 28 Reconstructive approaches (pages 260–262):

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10). The fat is incised down to the rectus sheath and the aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle. As the incision is completed, the surgeon should make an incision into the sheath on either side of the midline. Small vessels in the fat are more numerous than in the midline incision and must be clipped and tied or diathermied. In particular, a large vein at the lateral edges of the incision is often seen and should be tied and cut unless it can be gently pushed laterally. The techniques of tearing the fatty layers have been advocated and, although functionally satisfactory, they are not aesthetically so.

A fine absorbable monofilament suture such as Monocryl is ideal for large incisions as it results in minimal 22 Facility in tying knots is an important part of the surgical technique in which all young surgeons should attempt to excel. 11 Puckering sutures. 13 Purse-string inverting sutures. more suture. This mode of presentation is also more economical in the long term. 12 Purse-string suture. The granny knot for their uses as skills improve. As an assistant, the young surgeon learns to cut the tails of sutures accurately and quickly, taking care to leave a short but adequate length.

Diagnostic laparoscopy Operation Positioning and preparation The patient should be positioned on the operating table as described earlier in this chapter. The vulva and the vagina are swabbed and the bladder meticulously emptied using a disposable catheter.

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