Blunders and Disasters at Sea by David Blackmore

By David Blackmore

As any sailor is familiar with, existence at sea is dangerous less than even common conditions. In instances of struggle with an enemy cause on killing and sinking you, it really is infinitely extra so. David Blackmore has researched a hundred severe instances over the span of background and written image descriptions masking the heritage, the occasions and the implications.

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April 1945 – Breach of Trust or American War Crime? May 1945 – Tragic Error or British War Crime? June 1945 – Aerological Lessons Unlearned July 1945 – Overlooked and Forgotten in Mid-Pacific August 1945 – Japanese War Crime PART 8: THE CURRENT PERIOD December 1948 – Lurking Leftover in the Wangpoo River September 1949 – ‘Wrongful Default’ at Toronto January 1950 – ‘Avoidance of Responsibility’ at Norfolk July 1956 – Reliance on Technology off New York May 1967 – Excessive Secrecy off the Sinai January 1968 – Embarrassment off North Korea August 1971 – Embarrassment at Athens May 1982 – Self-Defence or Another War Crime?

They developed a fleet, and when superior Carthaginian seamanship prevailed, they desperately adopted an Athenian invention which they called the corvus (raven). This consisted of a gangplank, mounted vertically on a turntable. When a hostile vessel closed in to ram, the device was dropped to drive its spike deep into the enemy hull. Classiarii – legionaries specially armed and trained for service as marines – then charged across the gangway to fight with the tactics of land warfare in which Romans excelled.

Pipes sounded the charge, and sleek Athenian triremes surged forward, crashing their deadly three-metre (ten-foot) beaks into the delicate side-planks of the helpless enemy. Before the Corinthians could reach asylum, the Athenians captured twelve of their vessels and impressed them into their fleet. They would have inflicted even greater damage, but Brasidas arrived, commanding the concentrated fleets of Sparta and her other allies. The Battle of Naupactus Outnumbered by seventy-seven war-galleys to his own twenty, Phormio withdrew towards his base, pursued by the allies who outdistanced one another in their attempts to catch up.

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