Blooming English: Observations on the Roots, Cultivation and by Kate Burridge

By Kate Burridge

English is the main inventive, changeable and innovative of languages. a few phrases are invented to fulfill transitority wishes and are quick discarded; others hold meanings enormous quantities of years previous. Language fascinates us, and we spend loads of time fidgeting with it, concocting every thing from puns, riddles and mystery languages to fabulous prose and poetry. We additionally fear approximately it very much, having a look up and checking phrases in dictionaries and utilization publications, sometimes arguing approximately definitions. This booklet celebrates our ability to play with language, in addition to studying the methods we use it: in slang and jargon, swearing, conversing the unspeakable, or concealing disagreeable or inconvenient proof. it's a e-book for looking, for locating beguiling snippets approximately language, historical past and social customs, and for utilizing as a powerful weapon in observe video games.

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Before we can get an overall picture of the philosophical implications of these claims, we need a few more examples. In each of the ones that follow we give a metaphor and a list of ordinary expressions that are special cases of the metaphor. The English expressions are of two sorts: simple literal expressions and idioms that fit the metaphor and are part of the normal everyday way of talk-ing about the subject. (and ARGUMENTS) ARE BUILDINGS Is that the foundation for your theory? The theory needs more support.

I'm drained. That took a lot out of me. LIFE IS A CONTAINER I've had a full life. Life is empty for him. There's not much left for him in life. Her life is crammed with activities. Get the most out of life. His life contained a great deal of sorrow. Live your life to the fullest. LIFE IS A GAMBLING GAME I'll take my chances. The odds are against me. I've got an ace up my sleeve. He's holding all the aces. It's a toss-up. If you play your cards right, you can do it. He won big. He's a real loser.

And so on. Cultural and religious symbolism are special cases of metonymy. Within Christianity, for example, there is the metonymy DOVE FOR HOLY SPIRIT. As is typical with metonymies, this symbolism is not arbitrary. It is grounded in the conception of the dove in Western culture and the conception of the Holy Spirit in Christian theology. There is a reason why the dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit and not, say, the chicken, the vulture, or the ostrich. The dove is conceived of as beautiful, friendly, gentle, and, above all, peaceful.

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