Bill, the Galactic Hero on the Planet of Zombie Vampires by JACK C. HALDEMAN HARRY HARRISON


Bill—the excellent Starship Trooper: monstrous, brawny, and brainwashed. Possessor of 2 correct palms (impressive by way of saluting) and a foot that's threatening to show into anything extra fitted to being an umbrella stand than something which may be squeezed right into a measurement eleven sneaker.

Bill—a ideal recruit for the nice send Bounty, sure for the Chinger struggle and wearing a shipment of as great a firm of homicidal misfits and maniacs as you'll desire to meet outdoor of a prison asylum (which is the place they have simply come from).

Bill, the Galactic Hero—he's again, he is undesirable, and he is approximately to satisfy the main hideous alien lifeform of his whole occupation. He'd do something to avoid wasting his epidermis with out rocking the boat—but mutiny? at the Bounty?

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Those criminal prisoners are going to crew this vessel. And you're going to keep them in line and out of trouble, or I'll make a special brig for my so-called MP. " "Perfectly clear," said Bill, gathering up his crutches. "Show this Trooper to his quarters, Caine," said the captain. "I'll expect him at my table for lunch after we lift off this execrable excuse for a supply station. Bill restrained himself and delivered a normal government issue one-handed salute, then hobbled out the door in the wake of the android, into the ship's corridor.

Then I would fly to the attack, holding a berry on a pole out ahead of my bat. Once over the enemy I would let the bat eat the berry. Bats' digestive systems are constructed so that when a bat eats fruit its sphincters open to make room. The old seeds are ejected and fall with killing force. My poo-bomber helped us win the war. But the enemy always managed to steal some of our men. Always more were born to carry on their race. " "Yes, an Imperial Scoutship. Bringing both good news to my race and bad news to me.

But a Z chromosome is dominant and when these cross only women with Z chromosomes are born. " Rambette, who had been listening in stupefied awe, had not an inkling of what Drekk was talking about. She gurgled dashingly, shook her head, then nodded. "I know it is difficult," Drekk intoned. "But in time you will learn all. Suffice to say now that only females with Z chromosomes are born of women with Z chromosomes. And in this fact lies the unhappy history of our fair world. It is written that there was a Battle of the Sexes between those of the Y and those of the Z.

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