Beyond the God Particle by Leon M. Lederman

By Leon M. Lederman

Two best physicists speak about the significance of the Higgs Boson, the way forward for particle physics, and the mysteries of the universe but to be unraveled.

On July four, 2012, the long-sought Higgs Boson--aka "the God Particle"--was chanced on on the world's greatest particle accelerator, the LHC, in Geneva, Switzerland. On March 14, 2013, physicists at CERN proven it. This elusive subatomic particle types a box that permeates the complete universe, growing the hundreds of the simple debris which are the elemental development blocks of every little thing within the recognized world--from viruses to elephants, from atoms to quasars.
beginning the place Nobel Laureate Leon Lederman's bestseller The God Particle left off, this incisive new publication explains what is subsequent. Lederman and Hill talk about key questions that may occupy physicists for years to come: 

     * Why have been scientists confident that anything just like the "God Particle" needed to exist? 
     * What new debris, forces, and legislation of physics lie past the "God Particle"? 
     * What strong new accelerators at the moment are wanted for the U.S. to recapture a management position in technology and to arrive "beyond the God Particle," similar to Fermilab's deliberate Project-X and the Muon Collider? 

     utilizing considerate, witty, daily language, the authors exhibit how all of those fascinating questions are major scientists ever deeper into the material of nature. Readers of The God Particle will now not are looking to pass over this significant sequel.

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It provided the unique and essential paradigm for the development of the World Wide Web. 01 percent (a hundredth of a penny on the dollar) of the tax revenue per year on the cash flow it has generated by inventing the World Wide Web, the Superconducting Super Collider would have been built in Waxahachie, it would have discovered the Higgs boson ten years ago, and we'd now be well on to the next machines—electron colliders, very large proton colliders, and a veritable star-ship of a particle accelerator called the Muon Collider (which we'll discuss later).

WHAT'S IN A NAME? 16 This is the title of Leon's entertaining and poignant autobiography, which can still be purchased on the World Wide Web at Amazon as a bargain paperback or downloaded for your Kindle. Leon Lederman, aside from having made several major discoveries in physics that gave him the Nobel Prize in 1988, is also known for his talent in telling jokes (The Lederman Show could just as well have been hosted by this Lederman). The term “God Particle” was a tongue-in-cheek “handle” for the Higgs boson, and it caught on, soon appearing in popular journalism covering the forefront developments in the science of particle physics, from the New York Times, to Der Spiegel, from the Jerusalem Post to the Pakistan Chronicle.

What shapes and controls and sculpts the elementary constituents of matter and their masses? ” The answer to that question came in the 1950s—it turned out to be encoded into a very long and durable molecule called DNA. ” All structure and function and ultimately all diseases of living organisms are controlled by DNA and its associated processes. Understanding DNA and its evolution is the foundation of understanding all life on Earth. ” To get some insight into the process of the exploration of nature, let us ask, what deep questions were our ancient ancestors asking over the past three millennia?

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