Awarded for Valour: A History of the Victoria Cross and the by Melvin Charles Smith

By Melvin Charles Smith

This is often the main considerate and well-researched monograph related to the Victoria move that i've got encountered. It absolutely explores the explanations for the production of the award after which lines the shifts in standards for awarding the medal from its inception to the current day. It analyses the explanations for awarding the VC at quite a few issues in heritage and reviews a few of the army branches' awards bureaus for his or her viewpoints and factors. the writer has stuffed an important hole in British army scholarship. good performed.

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68 Jack was chosen to accompany the captain in the Battle of Inkerman, but was later commanded to lie down out of harm’s way during the thick of the battle. Henty spent some considerable ink describing the exploits of various historical individuals during the Inkerman battle scenes, but on the conduct of Captain Peel he remained virtually mute. Yet the real Peel was actually accompanied in his adventures by a midshipman, Edward St John Daniel, of HMS Diamond. Both Peel and Daniel, his young aide-de-camp received the Cross: Midshipman Daniel was one of the volunteers from HMS Diamond, who, under the command of the captain [Peel] brought in powder to the battery T H E H E R O I N V I CTO R I A N P O P UL A R M Y T H O L O G Y 23 from a waggon under very heavy fire, a shot having disabled the horses.

That it be claimable by an individual on establishing before a Jury of his Peers subject to confirmation at home, his right to the distinction. 6. 69 The peer-elective principle was intended to serve to both defuse the resentment soldiers might feel at not getting a decoration and to discourage commanding officers from recommending every man in the company or regiment in situations where an entire unit performed bravely. 70 Although Albert and Victoria at this point appear to have gotten behind the idea of a new gallantry award, going so far as authorizing approval of a public announcement of the intent to create a ‘Cross of Military Merit,’ political circumstances put the issue on the back burner for almost a year.

51 The reform of the Army’s administration was by this point inevitable. Such reforms greatly concerned Victoria and Albert, as experience showed that any change in the system resulted in a loss of Crown authority. 52 Even before the matter drew to a head, during the discussions about the severing of War and Colonies, the Queen had cautioned Aberdeen to make sure the question of Army reform did not arise in parliament along with it. 55 The palace concomitantly maintained a vigil over reform proposals.

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