Atomic structure and spectral lines by Arnold Sommerfeld

By Arnold Sommerfeld

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Therefore, the volume containing the plasma must be delimited by a vessel and/or plates onto which particles escaping from the 26 plasma interior impinge. These particles carry an appreciable part of the energy which is exhausted from the plasma. The walls, hence, are subject to heat and particle loads as long as the discharge lasts. This wall load again is a limiting factor for the life time of the vessel wall and the plates collecting the particle flux. On the other hand, the plasma-wall interaction causes a release of nonhydrogenic atoms from the walls which, upon ionization, contaminate the hydrogen plasma and enhance radiative power losses.

Considering now the ion flux to the surface: the situation is more complex since the ions are attracted and their distribution is distorted from Maxwellian. As indicated in Section 2, the ions actually enter the principal potential drop region wi th a net drift velocity Cs and are then accelerated freely to potential ~f. The ion flux to the surface is therefore simply nC s • We mustn't jump ahead, however, and we want to actually prove this result for the ion flux. A crude estimate would be to take the ion flux into the accelerating region (hence into the solid surface) as the free Maxwellian value, 1/4 ne i , neglecting pre-sheath accelerations.

Most importantly we have from Eq. , the ions are abruptly accelerated to very high veloci ties and the plasma solution fai ls, "blows up". This corresponds physically to the termination of the plasma and the start of the sheath with its large electric fields and high ion acceleration. 4 ,11,25-30 foregoing equations have simple solutions 31 for the plasma density and potential to the local Mach The relating number n(M) --= n 0 1 (1 +M2) kT ~(M) e e (20) 2 J/,n (1+M ) . ( 21) [To calculate n(x), ~(x), V(x), etc.

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