Atari in Wonderland by Fred D'Ignazio

By Fred D'Ignazio

Comprises twenty-two brief, easy video games to take advantage of with an Atari desktop on such subject matters as shades, sounds, multiplication, kingdom names, spelling, fractions, and Spanish and French languages.

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L Loop counter-main loop. Nl First random number for arithmetic problem. N2 B Second random number for arithmetic problem. Which type of arithmetic problems you choose (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division). x Column on the TV screen where your answer will appear. K One digit of your answer. P Column on the TV screen where the firstdigitof your answer appears-the same column where the question mark appears when the problem is first displayed-the program prevents you from back spacing (to the left) past this column.

If a child gives the wrong answer three times in a row, you can have the computer print out the correct answer and then give the child the same problem again.

The second subroutine (called on line 115) selects the word with the mystery phoneme hidden inside. The third subroutine 23 24 ATARI IN WONDERLAND (called on line 120) prints the word on the TV screen. The fourth subroutine (called on line 125) moves the "choice" arrow each time you press the SPACE bar. This game is played in Graphics Mode 2-with a difference. On line 105 the command POKE 756,226 changes the Mode 2 character set from numbers and upper-case letters to graphics symbols and lower-case letters.

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