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David Goodblatt, “Iudaea Between the Revolts: Trends in Research Scholarship,” in Jüdische Geschichte in hellenistisch-römischer Zeit, Wege der Forschung-von Alten zum Neuen Schürer, ed. Aharon Oppenheimer (Munich: R. Oldenbourg, 1999): 101–118. See also Anthony J. Saldarini, “Varieties of Rabbinic Response to the Destruction of the Temple,” in SBL Seminar Papers 1982, ed. Kenneth H. Richards (Chico: Scholars Press, 1982): 437–458. Saldarini reviewed four different rabbinical sources, of which the contents and various world views of their authors do not correspond to the above, source.

23 A summary of the many articles by Eck appear in his book: Werner Eck, Rom herausfordern: Bar Kochba im Kampf gegen das Imperium Romanum. Das Bild des Bar Kochba-Aufstandes im Spiegel der neuen epigraphischen Überlieferung (Roma: Unione internazionale degli istituti di archeologia, storia e storia dell’arte, 2007). For a collection of Eck’s articles, 8 Introduction With regard to the participation of the Galilee in the Second Revolt, Eck published a number of articles in which he based his claim on a Latin inscription from Tel Shalem.

In order to end the continuous state of war that had existed between the Romans and the Parthians, the emperor retreated from the conquered areas of the Parthian Empire. The years of his rule are marked by a desire to unify all the areas ruled by Rome throughout the Empire, and one of the bywords of that period was a return to the policy of Pax Romana, the Roman peace. During his reign, there were no signs of internal instability or unrest in the provinces. 13 The events of 123–124 CE,14 which seem to indicate a renewal of hostilities between the Parthians and the Romans, could not have served as a source of encouragement for the Jewish rebels, since these disputes were quickly settled by Hadrian through conciliatory gestures.

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