Arms and Uniforms: Second World War Part 2 by L. Funcken, F. Funcken

By L. Funcken, F. Funcken

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1812, wearing medieval dress ofa mail coat, mail coifunderneath his helmet, and plate armour on the forearms. The short-sleeved coat shown in this print is red with silver lace edging, and the trousers dark blue. without mercy, and (with disorderly bands of peasants) were responsible for most of the atrocities of the campaign. Even Kutuzov stood in awe of some of them, such as the partisan leader Capt. Figner: 'An unusual man. I have never before seen such a noble spirit. He is fanatica11y brave and patriotic, and God knows what he would not undertake' .

Their uniform included facingcoloured wings and regimental lace (usually white with interwoven facing-coloured line), though variations in the arrangement of this lace are recorded; on rare occasions the loops on the breast are omitted, though this may be in error. Trumpeters never wore the cuirass, a traditional practice representing their original non-combatant role. Trumpet-majors wore this uniform with lhe usual CO distinctions. Prior to 1811, cavalry regi men t possessed kettled ru m mers, bu l lJl December of that year they were discontinued for all except the Lifeguard heavy cavalry.

George', but are also suggested for other Russian campaign dress throughout the period was units, although these may have been unlikely. D /: Trooper, Kinbum Dragoons, campaign dress, 1813 Shown here are the later alterations to dragoon uniform: the helmet with upright horsehair crest. the jackel and shabraque of the darker green in trod uced in 1807, the former wi th a lower, closed collar. The trooper illustrated has no carbine bel t. the mu ket having been withdrawn for a short time (though rifled carbines were retained by flankers.

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