Arming Conflict: The Proliferation of Small Arms (Global by Mike Bourne

By Mike Bourne

Small fingers and lightweight guns are the first guns of so much armed conflicts. overseas responses were formed via the view that they're abundantly to be had and simply available to all on an international illicit industry. This ebook argues that the arming of clash is complexly established and hugely dynamic. It uncovers and describes the development and interplay of constructions and dynamics at worldwide and local degrees, which form the arming styles of either kingdom and non-state actors.

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2 Structure and Dynamic in Weapons Spread: The Trade and Proliferation of Weapons in Comparative Perspective Understandings of SALW flows to conflict protagonists suffer from a lack of a sense of structure or dynamic. SALW are portrayed as easily available to any and all actors, nefarious or legitimate, the spread of these weapons appears particularly complex but banal, and not so much uncontrolled as uncontrollable. This chapter begins by stepping back. It examines the ways in which the spread of different types of weapons has been portrayed and understood.

Equally as prevalent as the use of these global estimates are references to countries or regions being ‘awash with arms’ supported by anecdotes of local markets in which an AK-47 can be picked up for the price of chicken. These anecdotes have a clear basis; in fact, small arms are available at roughly those prices in some market places. They do not, however, explain or even describe the nature of SALW flows to conflicts, but rather are the routine local arms trade that is related to that flow, but is not either a major source for it or a predominant form of it.

8–14). A commonly raised spectre, are radiological weapons, or ‘dirty bombs’, the crudest of which require no high-technology industry and hence appear to have great potential for terrorist acquisition. While hypothetically, and structurally, easier than acquiring a nuclear warhead, no known radiological devices or attempts to manufacture them have been confirmed. Is the non-state threshold declining for ‘WMD’? The answer is a qualified ‘no’. The supply side constraints on the acquisition of complete Structure and Dynamic in Weapons Spread 25 weapons or technology apply equally, and usually more, stringently to non-state actors.

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