Unlikely Governess, An (Avon Romantic Treasure) by Karen Ranney

By Karen Ranney

Beatrice can deal with a younger duke -- however the boy's dangerously attractive cousin Devlen is one other subject solely . . .

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He didn’t need her participation in this conversation. He was doing quite well on his own. “If you will forgive my impertinence, Miss Sinclair, you’re an oddly striking woman. Once you’ve lost your thinness, you’ll be beautiful, I think. ” One of his eyebrows danced upward. “No, I will not forgive your impertinence. ” All this time, Gaston and the driver had been observ­ ing them with interest. Neither man made any pretense of ignoring their conversation. In fact, they looked as if they were taking mental notes, the better to describe it in detail for the rest of the staff.

He didn’t. ” “I’m a widower. ” She shook her head. “My children will be joining me as soon as I’m set­ tled. ” Hardly a flattering proposal, but he’d looked shocked when she refused. She’d been too foolish, perhaps, in turning her back on his offer. Now she was alone in the world and forced to find her own way in it, a circumstance the minister had predicted. “My offer will not stand open for long, Beatrice. ” Bride—even the word sounded odd. She’d long since given up the thought of being a bride.

He unbuttoned his greatcoat and removed it, swing­ ing it over her shoulders. Immediately, she felt warmer, and also dwarfed by the size of it. The coat puddled on the ground as he proceeded to button it. ” He ignored her. Despite being attired only in a white shirt and black trousers, he didn’t look affected by the cold. “My father tells me you’ve accepted the position he offered you. ” “Why should I, Mr. Gordon? ” She did wish he wouldn’t smile at her in that annoy­ ing way. When she stepped aside to descend the steps, he reached out and gripped her hand.

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