Alternative 3 by Ken Mitchell

By Ken Mitchell

Hitlers get away, extraterrestrial beings, Roswell...Global conspiracies. So 1999. yet what in the event you came upon clues that made you think that another way. Clues to whatever that may swap our figuring out of contemporary background, with apocalyptic implications for the long run. How a ways could you move and and masses may you danger to reveal the reality.

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Let’s catch up properly over a drink. Come down to Barney’s about six. ’ Curtis had to smile. ‘OK, Turk. ’ Turk stopped and looked at him. ’ ‘You too, Turk. ’ Curtis watched as Turk jogged back to the mourners. Hell of a nice guy — just a complete turkey sometimes. He shook his head as he thought of some of the more stupid things Turk had done in his time. Like rigging their parole officer’s phone to a phone-sex service. Not the best way to impress someone. Turk had even pretended to be one of the callers so he could talk dirty to him.

From the moment he’d received his orders from Navy Command back in late ’46 about an expedition being led to Antarctica of all places, and by none other than Admiral Richard E. Byrd, the uneasiness had begun incubating in his gut. He’d been told that the expedition objective, code named Highjump by Nimitz, was to ‘construct and establish a temporary base on the Ross Ice Shelf in order to extend the explored area of the continent and to test material under frigid conditions’. Baloney, thought Thomson.

He could see men running along the decks of the Olympus across the bay, and already one of the PBMs was covered with technicians and aircrew in preparation for being lifted over the side and into the water for departure. ’ His turn for receiving orders. He reached for his mike. ’ ‘Tommy, I want you and Sennet to set course for sector five. We’re sending a PBM up now, but if the weather turns it’ll be up to your boys to initiate a land-based rescue. We’ll give you some clearer coordinates once we hear back from the PBM.

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