Age-Related Macular Degeneration: A Comprehensive Textbook by D. Virgil Alfaro III MD, Peter E. Liggett MD, William F.

By D. Virgil Alfaro III MD, Peter E. Liggett MD, William F. Mieler MD, Hugo Quiroz-Mercado MD, Rama D. Jager MD MBA FACS, Yasuo Tano MD

A popular staff of retina surgeons offers promising new advancements in age-related macular degeneration, with emphasis at the most vital advances some time past 5 years. content material addresses all points of administration, together with anatomy, body structure, and pathophysiology; imaging of the macula in age-related macular degeneration; prevention measures and remedy; therapy; and destiny instructions. Abundantly illustrated and fantastically geared up, this e-book serves as an outstanding reference and textbook.

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In fact, evidence indicates that the drusen in CPRC monkeys have the same histopathology as those seen in human AMD (89); however, the deposits differ from human drusen in both ultrastructural morphology and biochemical composition (88). 5 A primate model for age-related macular drusen. Fundus photograph of rhesus monkey retina with significant drusen spots. (Photo courtesy of Dr. GM Hope and Dr. ) Most recently, transgenic models to study dry AMD have been created. The transgenic Apo-3 Leiden murine model (50), the transgenic CatD murine model (51), and the transgenic Ccl-2 and Ccr-2 murine model (78) previously discussed, all demonstrated basal laminar and linear deposits.

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