Age of Conquerors by Tim Newark

By Tim Newark

Книга описывает завоевательские войныот эпохи фараонов и вплоть до 19-го столетия

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R-'Standard grunt; no noteworthy features. Pitiful HP total ; kill first to prevent them from casting Protect or Shell. 230 228 - 230 Scavenger's Trail 231 228 ~ Follow the path until you reach a Save Station. At the waypoint r just beyond it. the party will split again. Play resumes with Lightning and Hope fighting a group of four Corps Gunners and a PSICOM Tracker. These troops can inflict damage quickly, so choose Double Dose (Fig. 6) from the Paradigm Deck whenever the two protagonists' HP bars fall to around 50%, to have them heal each other.

Bloodfang Bass PAGE Slightly less threatening after Crystarium upgrades, but sti ll a strong foe . Very low HP; when mixed with their Breshan , cousi ns, kill these first. 235 - - 232 235 ~ ~ Behemo~ Powerful but very slow; easily Staggered. 233 PSI COM Tracker Reasonable HP total , but no real threat. Watchdrone Extremely fast; in mixed groups, try to dispatch these before you turn to other enemies; weak against Lightning and Water elements. 230 PSICOM Ranger Weak opponent; kill first to prevent them from casting Protect or Shell on their stronger allies.

The first is guarded by a PSICOM Warlord, an opponent you will do well not to underestimate. If either party member is injured, the Activate Manadrive notification caption is your cue to heal - and fast. Stagger him quickly to put the Launch ability to good use. The second Sphere is at the top of a ramp to your right after you ascend the second ice path (Fig . 4). The size of this group of soldiers makes them a threat, so be prepared to switch to War & Peace regularly until you thin their numbers .

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