Afghanistan War (America at War) by Rodney P. Carlisle

By Rodney P. Carlisle

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The Russian movie 9th Company (2005) was based on actual events during the Soviets’ war in Afghanistan and was Russia’s entry for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film that same year. 9th Company has had financial success in Russia and gained critical acclaim abroad while portraying the heroism of soldiers, conveying the futility of war. (Gemini Film/Photofest) ers felt confident that they could take over Afghanistan the same way that Soviet troops had helped set up a Communist regime in Mongolia years before.

In the history of these organizations, Islamic Jihad can be viewed as a radical spin-off of the Muslim Brotherhood. Osama bin Laden came from a large and wealthy family that was established by his father, a poor laborer who emigrated from Yemen to Saudi Arabia in about 1930. There, he moved up through the construction business until he had his own firm during an era when the Saudis were reaping large profits from the country’s many oil wells. Bin Laden’s father prospered by building roads, office buildings, government projects, mosques, and other projects, and eventually became the favored contractor and trusted ally of the royal family.

They supported the Karmal regime and tried to help him bring about reforms. Both the United States and the UN General Assembly condemned the Soviet invasion. The number of Soviet troops soon climbed to more than 120,000 as the Soviets tried to maintain order against growing Afghan resistance. A number of independent small armies and bands of fighters made up the resistance against Soviet forces. ” Not all of the mujahideen wanted to establish a strict Muslim state, but some of them did. As many as seven distinct tribal, ideological, or warlord units made up the mujahideen that had bases and support in Pakistan.

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