Advanced Marathoning (2nd Edition) by Scott Douglas, Peter Pfitzinger

By Scott Douglas, Peter Pfitzinger

Shave mins off some time utilizing the newest in science-based education for critical runners. Advanced Marathoning has the entire details you want to teach smarter, stay harm unfastened, and arrive at the starting point able to run the marathon of your life.

Including marathon-pace runs and pace runs, Advanced Marathoning offers simply the simplest equipment of teaching. You'll the way to supplement your working exercises with power, middle, flexibility, and shape education; enforce state-of-the-art food and hydration recommendations and restoration options; and taper thoroughly to arrive top performance.

With easy-to-understand daily education schedules for 18- and 12-week education for weekly distances of fifty five, fifty five to 70, 70 to eighty five, and 85-plus miles, Advanced Marathoning is just the main accomplished and effective method of marathoning. If you're able to in attaining your individual top, this ebook is for you.

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Always hit your abs last in your workout. You shouldn’t fatigue them before training other body parts, especially back or legs, because you want your core to be strong to help sustain the intra-abdominal pressure necessary to protect your spine. GRAB ABS The main point of this program is to give you the abs you yearn for while staving off boredom, and customizing your routine helps you do just that. While most ab exercises hit more than one muscle, you can work a particular area by choosing specific exercises from the categories below.

BREAKFAST BAG OPTION 1 3 whole eggs + 3 egg whites ½ cup Raisin Bran + ½ cup low-fat milk OPTION 2 2 scoops whey protein 1 medium banana OPTION 3 3 whole eggs + 3 egg whites 1 cup oatmeal OPTION 4 1 Western Bagel’s Perfect 10 Bagel Healthy Grain + 1 tbsp light cream cheese 1 cup low-fat milk OPTION 5 3 whole eggs 1 slice low-fat American cheese 3 slices Jennie-O Extra Lean Turkey Bacon 1 cup oatmeal LUNCH BAG OPTION 1 4 slices roast beef + 2 slices whole-wheat bread 1 cup broccoli OPTION 2 1 can albacore tuna + 2 slices whole-wheat bread + 1 tbsp fat-free mayo OPTION 3 4 oz 95% lean ground beef + 1 slice low-fat American cheese + 1 whole-wheat hamburger bun OPTION 4 1 can albacore tuna + 1 tbsp light mayo + 1 large whole-wheat pita pocket OPTION 5 ½ can (3 oz) albacore tuna ½ cup low-fat cottage cheese 2 cups mixed green salad + 2 tbsp olive oil/vinegar dressing 1 cup blueberries AFTERNOON SNACK BAG OPTION 1 1 cup low-fat cottage cheese + 2 tbsp salsa OPTION 2 2 sticks light mozzarella string cheese OPTION 3 2 oz beef jerky OPTION 4 1 oz fat-free cheese (Swiss, cheddar, or Monterey Jack) 2 slices turkey deli meat 1 oz mixed nuts OPTION 5 4 oz shrimp + 1 tbsp seafood cocktail sauce DINNER BAG OPTION 1 8 oz top sirloin 1 cup broccoli 2 cups mixed green salad + 2 tbsp olive oil/vinegar dressing OPTION 2 9 oz tilapia 10 asparagus spears CHAPTER 4: ABS DONE YOUR WAY Standing Cable Crunch (Upper Abs) Woodchop (Core) CUSTOMIZE YOUR CORE While all of these muscles make up the overall core, here we’re talking about the innermost abdominal muscles.

Crunch up and toward your raised knee by contracting your obliques and abs, lifting the opposite shoulder off the floor. Don’t pull on your head with your hands. The Spot-On Abs program is different from your typical ab routine because each workout is based on total time, not reps and sets. The Danish study had subjects train with light weight for 30 minutes. Therefore, similar to the study protocol, you’ll work your abs in giant-set fashion, moving from one exercise to the next (four to seven exercises total per workout) with little, if any, rest for a specific period.

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