Actividades saludables que alargan la vida: Más de setenta by Various

By Various

Actividades saludables que alargan l. a. vida es una guía con ilustraciones a colour que nos propone de forma práctica, sencilla y muy visible 12 actividades físicas que con sus correspondientes ejercicios nos ayudarán a mantenernos en forma y a conseguir una vida más saludable.

Las actividades que encontrarás a través de los eleven capítulos de este libro te proporcionarán resultados espectaculares con una mínima inversión de tiempo. Después de las técnicas de respiración y los estiramientos ya estamos preparados para el operating o el método Pilates, sin olvidar formas de moverse tan lúcidas como eficaces: bailar es una gran fuente de bienestar.

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Eat Stop Eat 31 Fasting and your Metabolism In my review of fasting, I found some very interesting information, most of which contradicts much of today’s accepted ‘rules of nutrition’. Most startling is the fact that being in a fasted state for short periods of time will not decrease your metabolism. If you have followed any of today’s popular diets, you may know that they are all based on this idea. The story they are telling goes like this: If you lower your calories too much, even for a short period of time, then you will stop losing fat because your body has entered ‘starvation mode’ and your metabolic rate will slow to a standstill.

In fact, this statement could very well be the basis for today’s weight loss industry. However, it turns out that it is factually incorrect. Our metabolism, or more correctly our metabolic rate, is based on the energetic costs of keeping the cells in our bodies alive. For example, let’s say we put you in a fancy lab and measured the amount of calories you burned in one day sitting on a couch doing nothing. Let’s assume that number was 2,000 calories. This would be called your basal metabolic rate; 2,000 calories would be the amount of calories you need to eat to match the amount you burn simply being you.

Luckily, this concern can be addressed by research that studied the calorie intake of people after a 36-hour fast. Eat Stop Eat 56 This research found that a 36-hour fast does not cause you to rebound and eat significantly more calories once the fast has been broken. 57 This may sound extreme, but keep in mind the 36-hour fast caused an average of 2800 calories worth of deficit, so even with 400 extra calories at breakfast the next day, there was still a total deficit of 2400 calories. If you like the ‘glass half full perspective – a 36-hour fast created a 2,400 calorie deficit AND allowed for an extra big breakfast the next day!

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