A History of the English-Speaking Peoples Since 1900 by Andrew Roberts

By Andrew Roberts

A magisterial background encouraged via Winston Churchill's recognized opus, A historical past of the English-Speaking Peoples on account that 1900 is an engrossing account of the 20th century, with a distinct viewpoint on our turbulent instances. In 1900, the place Churchill ended the fourth quantity of his heritage of the English-Speaking Peoples , the USA had now not but emerged onto the area scene as an excellent energy. but the arriving century used to be to belong to the English-speaking peoples, who successively and effectively fought the Kaiser's Germany, Axis aggression and Soviet Communism, and who're now suffering opposed to Islamic fundamentalist terrorism. Andrew Roberts's historical past proves particularly valuable because the usa this day seems to be to different components of the English-speaking international as its most sensible, closest and so much in charge allies.

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It will happen, but hopefully this time it will not happen violently. It if does, however, the battle-lines are easily drawn. As Winston Churchill put it in May 1938, 'It is the English-speaking nations who, almost alone, keep alight the torch of Freedom. These things are a powerful incentive to collaboration. ' In 1901, Canada was a land of almost infinite possibility and opportunity. In the last two decades of the nineteenth century, her population had increased by a staggering 24%, yet from the 1901 census figure of 5,371,315 the population then grew by two million in the first decade and then a further one-anda-half million in the next, registering an astonishing 64% increase over two decades.

He said that his flock seemed called upon to take their part in the establishment of a federated Empire which shall unite willing peoples in conditions of great local freedom, but with an attachment of loyal affection to a common centre in the British Crown, with a great mass of common laws and common interests, with the full voice of a worthy common language and a noble common literature, and, above all, bearing the decided impress of a common and enlightened Christianity. That seemed to be their duty, and they could not escape it.

Bush's Administration did not invent some brand new political philosophy in their desire to extend representative institutions to the Middle East. INTRODUCTION 7 In his 1833 speech on the renewal of the charter of the East India Company, which governed British India until 1858, the British statesman and historian Lord Macaulay argued that, 'by good government we may educate our subjects into a capacity for better government; that having become instructed in European knowledge they may, in some future age, demand European institutions'.

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