A History of the British Army - Vol. I (1066-1713) by John William Fortescue

By John William Fortescue

Sir John Fortescue holds a pre-eminent position among British army historians, his enduring popularity and legacy resting in most cases on his life’s paintings “The historical past of the British Army”, issued in 20 volumes, which took him a few 30 years to accomplish. In scope and breadth it truly is such that no sleek student has tried to hide one of these huge and various topic in its entirety; yet Sir John did so with aplomb, resulting in a readable and entire study.

According to Professor Emeritus of army historical past at King’s collage, Brian Bond, the paintings was once “the manufactured from indefatigable examine in unique records, a choice to give a transparent, exact, and readable narrative of army operations, and a detailed own wisdom of the battlefields, which enabled him to clarify his account with first-class maps. most vital, although, was once his motivation: specifically, a lifelong affection for the outdated, long-service, pre-Cardwell military, the spirit of the regiments of which it mostly consisted, and the price of its traditions to the kingdom. an immense a part of his activity was once to distil and inculcate those soldierly virtues which, in his conservative view, contrasted sharply with the unedifying personality of politicians who habitually meddled in army matters.” ODNB.

This first quantity covers the interval from the conflict of Hastings in 1066 to the top of the Seven Year’s struggle in 1713. It comprises the battles at Bannockburn, Crecy, Agincourt, Flodden, the battles of the English Civil conflict, Dunkirk Dunes, Tangiers, and the battles in the course of Marlborough’s campaigns. the amount additionally lines the advance of eu Armies, infantry, cavalry and artillery, and the explicit adjustments in Britain throughout the period.

ENGLISH old assessment —"Mr. Fortescue has been the 1st to build a scholarly and hooked up tale of the expansion of our army associations and of the improvement of strategies as printed in a continuing sequence of wars. His type is lucid, and his descriptions of battles are effortless to stick with. yet his leader advantage is a well-balanced judgment."

A needs to learn for any army fanatic.

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