A Grammar of Eton (Cameroon) (Mouton De Gruyter Library) by Van de Velde, Mark L.O.

By Van de Velde, Mark L.O.

A Grammar of Eton is the 1st description of the Cameroonian Bantu language Eton. it's also one of many few whole descriptions of a North-western Bantu language. The complicated tonology of Eton is punctiliously analysed and offered in an easy and constant descriptive framework, which allows the reader to maintain tune of Eton's many tonal morphemes. Phonologists should be specifically drawn to the research of stem preliminary prominence, which manifests itself in a couple of logically autonomous phenomena, together with size of the onset consonant, phonotactic skewing and variety of tonal attachment websites. Typologists and Africanists engaged on morphosyntax will locate necessary analyses of, between others, gender and contract; demanding, element, temper and negation; and verbal derivation. they'll come across many morphosyntactic variations among Eton and the higher recognized japanese and Southern Bantu languages, frequently as a result of evolutions formed by means of maximality constraints on stems. The chapters on clause constitution and intricate structures supply info hardly ever present in assets at the languages of the quarter, together with descriptions of non-verbal clauses, concentration, quasi-auxiliaries and adverbial clauses.

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The relation between tones and weight units is intricate and it is difficult to describe one tier without some knowledge of the other. Readers who are unfamiliar with tone might want to read Section 7 first. For others, it suffices to know that the complex tone patterns of Eton are described by means of three structural tones: low, high and dissimilating high. These can be structurally linked to a weight unit or not. In the latter case, we will speak of floating tones. No claims are made here 20.

S/ /tám/ ‘feather’ /s$m/ ‘flower bud’ /b/ vs. /g‫ۅ‬b/ /bá/ ‘marry’ (v) /g‫ۅ‬bà/ ‘throw’ (v) /ҷ/ vs. /k‫ۅ‬p/ /ҷàm/ ‘chase away’ (v) /k‫ۅ‬pám/ ‘jump over’ (v) /b/ vs. /g/ /díbân/ ‘be edible’ (v) /dígá/ ‘sting’ (v) /ҷ/ vs. /k/ /ҷàmnì/ ‘spread out’ (v) /kàmnì/ ‘prohibit’ (v) /b/ vs. /v/ /bòm/ ‘hit’ (v) /vòm/ ‘lose oneself’ (v) /ҷ/ vs. /Ě/ /ҷwág/ ‘misfire’ (v) /Ěwág/ ‘construct’ (v) /b/ vs. /m/ /lób/ ‘bite’ (v) /lóm/ ‘send’ (v) Phoneme Inventory /d/ vs. /Ě/ /dá/ ‘lose’ (v) /Ěá/ ‘be full’ (v) /Ě/ vs.

10 4. Realisation rules Realisation rules specify the speech sounds by which phonemes are realised, depending on their phonological context. The context specification does not only contain other phonemes, but also two auxiliary phenomena: discontinuity of speech (or pause, symbolised as Ƈ) and positional prominence. 1. 1. Devoicing of voiced obstruents Voiced stops are gradually devoiced before a discontinuity of speech. The voiced alveolar fricative /z/ is totally devoiced to [s]. Gradual devoicing is noted with a [ ‫ ] ܚ‬below the consonant symbol.

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