A grammar of Betta Kurumba by Gail Maria Coelho

By Gail Maria Coelho

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All example sentences are tagged with markers to indicate whether the sentence was formally elicited or from a text. Son”, “Pomegranate”, “Tiger”, and “Conversation” indicate that the source was the relevant text. In some cases, I have also used the tag “Spontaneous” to indicate that the sentence was uttered spontaneously by one of the Betta Kurumbas during formal elicitation sessions. All tags have a number next to them; these numbers may be ignored because they refer to location within my data records.

Adna kenawd a istet oi py-au alai ma-w-d commotion do-irf-sg that estate inside goSR-cmp “Having gone into that estate, it would create a commotion. 21 Cf. Comrie (1976:27, cited in Dahl 1995:413), “The feature that is common to all habituals ... 481) kaydda tan pyra oa baa popd. aa kayddi, kayddi madn kayddi-ai tana pyra oa bai-la po-pu-d emph forest inside path-dlc go-irf-sg bear-like an-ka kayddi kayddi madn 3sr-dat bear bear Madan “He would move like a bear along the paths in the forest.

The four texts that were analyzed in detail and which are used in this description consist of 3 stories and a conversation amounting to a total of 156 minutes (appr. 2½ hours). ). The conversation (79 mins) consists of a bilingual conversation between Bomman and me; that is, I asked Bomman brief questions in Tamil about his community and he gave lengthy answers in his native language, providing information about customs, lifestyle, etc. in his 16 community. The purpose of the conversation was to elicit morphosyntactic structures that may not show up in a story, but which might show up in conversational speech.

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