A Breath of Magic by Tracy Madison

By Tracy Madison

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Paperback, advantageous In inventory shipped from our united kingdom warehouse

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I had the phone on vibrate. ” “Oh, good! ” I wondered why she hadn’t phoned Alice or Elizabeth. “If I can,” I amended. “What’s going on? ” “Right outside your apartment. ” “Well, you see, Chloe…I never actually left. ” I waited for the rest of the explanation, far more curious than afraid. “When you kicked us out—that wasn’t very nice, by the way—Alice left before I did. I was putting my seat belt on and I dropped my…um…keys. Somehow, they ended up beneath the driver’s seat,” she explained in a rush.

A tingle sped down my spine. I was really going to do this. He groaned and rubbed his hand over his stomach. “I’m stuffed. ” “Um, sure. ” Kyle always stayed over on the weekends. Eventually, he’d eat a slice. Even if it was for breakfast. I’d waited this long for my happy ending, what did a few more hours matter? I joined him on the couch and his arms came around me. I settled against him, nestling my head against his chest. Comfort eased in, and I began to relax. Yes, I could definitely see us spending the next many years curled up on the sofa together.

If I were there with a guy, I’d have thought it was a scene set for seduction. In this case, I figured they were trying to relax me. Which was so not happening. “She’s angry. That’s why she won’t talk,” said Elizabeth. ” “Of course she’s angry. But she didn’t give us much choice in the matter,” said Grandma Verda. “And she can leave anytime she wants. ” Leave and go where? Traversing the streets of Chicago in the middle of the night, in my pj’s, was not a smart move. I didn’t have any cash on me for cab fare, and I distinctly remembered Kyle powering off his cell before going to bed.

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