7 Weeks to Getting Ripped: The Ultimate Weight-Free, by Brett Stewart

By Brett Stewart

SCULPT YOUR hands, SHOULDERS, again, ABS, LEGS AND BUTT in precisely 7 WEEKS!

Follow the daily plan during this e-book and you may ultimately in attaining the physique you’ve continually sought after. The 7 Weeks to Getting Ripped program takes below 2 hours every week and doesn’t require any cumbersome health club apparatus, however the exercises have the facility to reshape all of your physique.

Packed with transparent charts and necessary pictures, this e-book presents every little thing you must get within the top form of your lifestyles in precisely 7 weeks:

• potent body weight exercises
• enjoyable & tough health games
• step by step instructions
• helpful food tips
• Easy-to-follow programs

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If you don’t have a rowing machine, it’ll be tough to duplicate this work, which is very back- and leg-intensive and also strengthens the core. Wednesday Thursday Rest: do some stretching or a light bodyweight workout. Back & Biceps 1a) Cable Rows w/ resistance band, KB or DB 4 10 5 4–6 1b) Bent-Over DB Reverse Flyes 4 10 5 4–6 3-1-2 minimal rest between exercises 2 minutes rest 2a) Neutral-Grip Chin-Ups 4 10 5 4–6 1-1-2 2b) EZ-Bar Curls 4 10 5 4–6 2-1-3 minimal rest between exercises AMRAP 3-1-2 1 min 2 minutes rest Inverted Rows 2 AMRAP 2 Conditioning: Bike Sprint Intervals 10 sec work, 50 sec rest for 4–6 min Friday Shoulders & Abdominals Sets (Week 1) Reps (Week 1) Sets (Week 2) Reps (Week 2) Time/Tempo 1a) Seated DB Overhead Presses 4 10 R/L 5 4–6 R/L 2-1-2 1b) Dumbbell Lateral Raises 4 10 5 4–6 Rest minimal rest between exercises 2 minutes rest 2a) L1–Walkouts L2–Stability Ball Rollouts L3–Ab Rollouts (on knees) L4–Ab Rollouts (standing) 4 AMRAP 5 AMRAP 2b) Stability Ball Jack Knives 4 AMRAP 5 AMRAP minimal rest between exercises 2 minutes rest Unicycles 4 6 30 sec R/L Conditioning: Treadmill Intervals 10 10 sprint 5 sec, jog 30 sec 15 sec BRUCE LEE WORKOUT APPROACH Bruce Lee is the ultimate martial artist—incredibly ripped, fast and powerful.

Sunday Rest: do some stretching or a light bodyweight workout. TROY WOR KOUT The Troy workout is more balanced than the Fight Club/Snatch workout. Since this is a bodybuilding routine, complete all the sets and reps of one exercise before moving to the next. Normally we prefer working in super- or tri-sets but this would mean a major re-write of this program to be able to work it in that manner. Monday Chest Sets Reps Bench Presses 5 6–10 3 min Incline Bench Presses 6 6–10 3 min Cable Crossovers 6 10–12 3 min Dips 5 AMRAP 3 min Dumbbell Pullovers 5 10–12 3 min Tuesday Time/Tempo Rest Notes Back & Legs Sets Reps Wide-Grip Chin-Ups 6 AMRAP 2 min T-Bar Rows 6 6–10 3 min Seated Pulley Rows 6 10–12 3 min Romanian Deadlift 5 15 3 min Squats 6 8–12 3 min Leg Presses 6 8–12 Leg Extensions 6 12–15 Barbell Lunges 5 15 Wednesday Time/Tempo Rest Calves & Forearms Standing Calf Raises 10 10 Seated Calf Raises 8 15 1-Leg Calf Raises (holding dumbbells) 6 12 R/L Wrist Curls (forearms on knees) 4 10 Barbell Reverse Wrist Curls 4 8 Wrist Rollers 1 AMRAP Thursday Biceps & Triceps Barbell Curls 6 6–10 Seated DB Curls 6 6–10 Dumbbell Concentration Curls 6 6–10 Close-Grip Bench Presses 6 6–10 Press-Downs 6 6–10 Barbell French Presses 6 6–10 1-Arm DB Triceps Extensions 6 6–10 Notes Friday Shoulders & Abs Sets Reps Seated Barbell Presses 6 6–10 Standing Lateral Raises 6 6–10 Rear Lateral Raises 6 6–10 Cable Lateral Raises 5 10–12 Time/Tempo Rest Notes 2 minutes rest 1a) Plank 3 2–5 min 1b) Side Plank 3 60–90 sec R/L strict form 30 sec 30 seconds rest 2a) Unicycles 2b) Hanging Knee or Leg Raises 30 sec R/L 5 AMRAP 30 sec 30 seconds rest 3) Mountain Climbers 8 20 sec 10 sec Saturday Rest: do some stretching or a light bodyweight workout.

In a compound movement you’re limited by the weakest link in it, in this case the press. After 4 to 6 weeks, you need to switch things up by either changing to a completely different workout or modifying this one. What you do depends on your goals. To get stronger, modify this one by dropping the reps to the 4–6 range and increasing the sets from 4 to 5. Dropping the reps allows you to use heavier weights while maintaining proper form. Adding additional sets means you’ll still be moving a lot of weight over time.

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