3D Virtual Treatment Planning of Orthognathic Surgery: A by Gwen Swennen

By Gwen Swennen

This colour atlas and guide offers clinicians with systematic, standardized, but additionally individualized step by step tips on 3D digital analysis, remedy making plans, and end result evaluation in sufferers present process orthognathic surgical procedure for maxillofacial deformities. Drawing on twenty years of expertise, the authors elucidate the scientific strength of the strategy whereas additionally highlighting present pitfalls and barriers. the outlet chapters speak about the 3D imaging workflow and its integration into day-by-day scientific regimen and comprehensively describe cone-beam CT digital prognosis. The stepwise 3D digital making plans of orthognathic surgical procedure and move of the 3D digital therapy plan to the sufferer within the working room are then completely defined, and the exceptional power of 3D digital review of remedy end result, documented.  ultimately, after provision of all this crucial historical past info, the final bankruptcy illustrates the appliance of the 3D digital strategy in several kinds of maxillofacial deformity. Orthodontists and orthognathic and orthofacial surgeons will locate 3D digital remedy making plans of Orthognathic Surgery to be an outstanding consultant and resource.  

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23) Following “surface to image rigid registration”, the patient’s head is augmented with accurate occlusal and intercuspidation data. The advantage compared to the above-mentioned protocol is that there is no distortion of lip morphology and posture (. Fig. 24). b . Fig. 22 CBCT scan N°1 in CR. G. 4 mm at 120 kV according to DICOM field, 0018,0060 KVP, and 48 mA according to DICOM field, 0018,1151 TubeCurrent. 3D. ). Note that CBCT N°1 is the same as CBCT scan N°1 of the “Triple CBCT Scan Protocol” (.

More- c d . Fig. 14 Additional image acquisition of the patient’s dentition with direct intra-oral optical scanning (3MTM LavaTM Chairside Oral Scanner) of the upper and lower dental arches. 3D “surface-rendered” representations of the upper (a) and (c) lower arches (Maxilim v. ). ) a b c e f d . Fig. 15 Additional image acquisition of the occlusion with direct intra-oral optical scanning (3MTM LavaTM Chairside Oral Scanner). 3D “surface-rendered” representations (a, c, e) (Maxilim v. ). ) 17 Chapter 1 · Imaging Workflow for 3D Virtual Treatment Planning of Orthognathic Surgery over, the actual occlusion of the patient can be scanned (7 Fig.

Maxilim v. ). Note that triple voxel-based registration according to the “Triple Scan Protocol” (7 see also Sect. 2) was used to register the CBCT scanned all-in-one impression of the dental arches with the CBCT scan of the patient’s head. Note that ideally cheek retractors are used (see . Fig. 28b) Trick Aligning both the AUM of the patient and the standardised clinical frontal photograph based on the exocanthion and pupil landmarks followed by dropping a perpendicular line in the centre of the nasal root allows a clinical correlation of the upper dental midline position … it is crucial that no “Yaw” rotation of the patient’s head (3D virtual vs 2D clinical) is present… 41 Chapter 1 · Imaging Workflow for 3D Virtual Treatment Planning of Orthognathic Surgery z Quality of the 3D Rendering of the Bone and the Soft Tissues The quality of the 3D “surface-rendered” soft (.

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